Cadbury SILK Best TVC

The new CDM Silk

provides the most divine ‘Melt in the Mouth’ feel. CDM Silk is finer than the finest chocolates and comes in a premium, internationally developed packaging. Attractively priced at Rs. 49 for 69 gms and Rs. 99 for 160 gms bar the new CDM Silk will be available in Milk chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit & Nut variants.

Since its launch in 1948, CDM has been Cadbury’s flagship brand in India. CDM is the gold standard for chocolates and stands for the best tasting chocolate amongst all consumers. Over the years, CDM has successfully built a unique relationship with consumers across age groups.

2) The packaging: Silk is costlier because it has better packaging. The first outer cover is designed to give the chocolate an exclusive look, it’s glossy and smart. The middle cover is the traditional white paper wrap, this time with an ornate description of the new offering (a task carried out by some junior copywriter, who is now probably proudly showing off his brilliant work). And the third layer is a purple foil, replacing the traditional golden foil that the regular Dairy Milk has. Opening the three packaging layers designed to impress makes you understand why Silk is priced higher.

• New CDM Silk is creamier, smoother and tastier and melts in the mouth more easier than ever before
• Its bigger, chunkier and curvier cubes pack more taste and pleasure in every bite

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