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  • Lux Angelina Launch TV AD

    Lux Angelina Launch TV AD

    Lux Angelina Launch TVC made by Asim Raza (Director, The Vision Factory) featuring Shaan & Imaan Ali

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  • NESTLE KIT KAT Ad 2010 “KIT KAT Break Banta Hai!”

    NESTLE KIT KAT Ad 2010 “KIT KAT Break Banta Hai!”

    KIT KAT Break Banta Hai!

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  • Dawlance H-Zone Microwave

    Dawlance H-Zone Microwave

    * Microwave power output: 700W * Mechanical rotary controls * 6 Microwave power settings  

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  • Nestle Everyday

    Nestle Everyday

    Nestlé has over 135 years of dairy expertise and NESTLÉ Milk ensures high quality and safety. NESTLÉ Milk goes through Ultra Heat Treatment to provide bacteria-free milk to its consumers. The product also goes through stringent quality checks and can be consumed straight from the pack as no boiling is required. The sealed pack of NESTLÉ Milk has a shelf life of 120 days without refrigeration. However, once opened, it must be refrigerated. The packaging is tamper-evident. Tum Main Hai […]

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  • Tang Lemon and Pepper Ad for Pakistan

    Tang Lemon and Pepper Ad for Pakistan

    Tang Lemon and Pepper flavor TVC for Pakistan. Shot in Thailand with Benetone Films

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  • Shan in Haleeb Milk Tv Ad

    Shan in Haleeb Milk Tv Ad

    Build Branded food business to improve quality of life by offering tasty, affordable and highly nutritional products to our consumers while maximizing stake holders’ value. New TV commercial of Haleeb, Sab say gharah Doodh Haleeb,

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  • Kashmir Banaspati Ad

    Kashmir Banaspati Ad

    Kashmir Premium Gold is prepared from fresh and natural Soya beans, Canola and Sunflower cooking oil, so that the food cooked in it has a fresh feel. Kashmir Premium Gold is 100% pure cooking oil which is cholesterol free, ultra refined and light, for a light and energetic lifestyle. All these qualities make Kashmir Premium Gold a preference and a premium choice for its consumers. It is perfect for all types of foods and a symbol of perfection. It is […]

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  • Nestle (Pakistan – Milk Pak)

    Nestle (Pakistan – Milk Pak)

    A beautiful Pakistani ad of Milk Pak by Nestle, showing a Pakistani family living their life simply beautifully and beautifully simply i.e. a healthy life.

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  • Bakeri Cookies Ad

    Bakeri Cookies Ad

    Bakeri Cookies TVC shot in Thailand with Benetone Films

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  • Omore Ice-Lolli

    Omore Ice-Lolli

    The crew from Omore in Pakistan is launching some new dessert products and came to Thailand and Benetone Films for the shoots. Omore wanted to take advantage of the superb art direction team and diverse locations here. The art direction team designed the color scheme to give it a child-like cartoonish quality (cat in the hat-esque) that along with the playful theme helped us make the Omore ice-pops look greata

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  • Cadbury SILK Best TVC

    Cadbury SILK Best TVC

    The new CDM Silk provides the most divine ‘Melt in the Mouth’ feel. CDM Silk is finer than the finest chocolates and comes in a premium, internationally developed packaging. Attractively priced at Rs. 49 for 69 gms and Rs. 99 for 160 gms bar the new CDM Silk will be available in Milk chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit & Nut variants. Since its launch in 1948, CDM has been Cadbury’s flagship brand in India. CDM is the gold standard for […]

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  • Tarang Milk

    Tarang Milk

    Tarang Ad, a milk product, for Pakistani market. Shot entirely in Thailand with Benetone Films.

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