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  • Ufone Tvc “1000 Reasons to Switch”

    Ufone Tvc “1000 Reasons to Switch”

    Now when you purchase a new Ufone SIM or port your number to the Ufone network, immediately get a double treat! Enjoy unlimited SMS to any network for 3 months and 1000 minutes all absolutely FREE! So get your Ufone SIM today or call 033 1236 1236 and switch your current number to the best network, Ufone.

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  • Veena Interview Defending Her

    Veena Interview Defending Her

    I tell people the problem with Islamic “culture” is the obsession with shame, honour & pride. When you see interviews like this, it shows what this “culture” is really like. Do Pakistanis ever wonder why India is racing ahead of them? Why the Islamic world produces nothing? Why illiteracy is rife, and reading amongst those who CAN read is so low? Islam is the noose that stops the blood-flow of culture, technology, art and beauty. Speaking of beauty, how long […]

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