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  • Veena Interview Defending Her

    Veena Interview Defending Her

    I tell people the problem with Islamic “culture” is the obsession with shame, honour & pride. When you see interviews like this, it shows what this “culture” is really like. Do Pakistanis ever wonder why India is racing ahead of them? Why the Islamic world produces nothing? Why illiteracy is rife, and reading amongst those who CAN read is so low? Islam is the noose that stops the blood-flow of culture, technology, art and beauty. Speaking of beauty, how long […]

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  • Kashmir Banaspati Ad

    Kashmir Banaspati Ad

    Kashmir Premium Gold is prepared from fresh and natural Soya beans, Canola and Sunflower cooking oil, so that the food cooked in it has a fresh feel. Kashmir Premium Gold is 100% pure cooking oil which is cholesterol free, ultra refined and light, for a light and energetic lifestyle. All these qualities make Kashmir Premium Gold a preference and a premium choice for its consumers. It is perfect for all types of foods and a symbol of perfection. It is […]

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  • Tetra – Kitchen TVC Pakistan

    Tetra – Kitchen TVC Pakistan

    Tetra Packaging Ad – for Pakistan market. Shot in Thailand with Benetone

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  • Telenor Internet.More 3 – Google Search

    Telenor Internet.More 3 – Google Search

    Telenor Internet.More TVC 3 – Google Search Client: Telenor Pakistan Brand: Telenor Internet.More Agency: Adcom Production House: Stimulus Middle East (Faisal Hashmi/Haris Qadeer) Animation: Posteam

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  • Ufone Funny add

    Ufone Funny add

    Its a creative ad with new idea. Ufone Funny Ad.

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  • Nestle (Pakistan – Milk Pak)

    Nestle (Pakistan – Milk Pak)

    A beautiful Pakistani ad of Milk Pak by Nestle, showing a Pakistani family living their life simply beautifully and beautifully simply i.e. a healthy life.

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  • Lu Bakeri Josh-e-Junoon

    Lu Bakeri Josh-e-Junoon

    Josh-e-Junoon Song exclusively produced by LU Bakeri Cookies to support Team Pakistan in Cricket World Cup 2011 Singer: Ali Azmat Composer: Shuja Haider / Naqash Haider (Speed of Sound) Director: Mazhar Raza Asst.: Umair Qadri D.O.P: Shehzad / Sabahat Post: Post House Concept: Spectrum Y & R Producer: Continental Biscuits Limited To get a free CD, visit leading music stores

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  • Bakeri Cookies Ad

    Bakeri Cookies Ad

    Bakeri Cookies TVC shot in Thailand with Benetone Films

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  • Omore Ice-Lolli

    Omore Ice-Lolli

    The crew from Omore in Pakistan is launching some new dessert products and came to Thailand and Benetone Films for the shoots. Omore wanted to take advantage of the superb art direction team and diverse locations here. The art direction team designed the color scheme to give it a child-like cartoonish quality (cat in the hat-esque) that along with the playful theme helped us make the Omore ice-pops look greata

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  • Omore TVC Wedding

    Omore TVC Wedding

    Its a creative ad & new idea. Omore brings fun and happiness to everything!

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  • Cadbury SILK Best TVC

    Cadbury SILK Best TVC

    The new CDM Silk provides the most divine ‘Melt in the Mouth’ feel. CDM Silk is finer than the finest chocolates and comes in a premium, internationally developed packaging. Attractively priced at Rs. 49 for 69 gms and Rs. 99 for 160 gms bar the new CDM Silk will be available in Milk chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit & Nut variants. Since its launch in 1948, CDM has been Cadbury’s flagship brand in India. CDM is the gold standard for […]

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  • Tarang Milk

    Tarang Milk

    Tarang Ad, a milk product, for Pakistani market. Shot entirely in Thailand with Benetone Films.

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  • Olfrute TVC

    Olfrute TVC

    Client: Engro Foods Ltd. Media Agency: MEC Pakistan (GroupM) Creative Agency: Adcom Directed by Asim Raza (The Vision Factory)

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