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Expressions is Modeling  and advertising Agency which not only helps new talent to achieve their dreams in modeling as a career but also provide them with all services to  launch them online, in fashion magazines, productions houses and other performing arts forums.

Being also an advertising agency we have number of clients who always hire models for electronic and print media advertisement campaigns for the advertisement of their products. So we not only groom our registered models but also provide them all opportunities to demonstrate their talents.

Our prime objective is to promote and establish our registered aspiring models on national glamour world. Expressions is not just up to model casting and coordination but we provide expertise in styling packages, comprising models portfolio, training,  promotion and publicity facilitation, contracting models with stylists, make up artists and photographers according to the need of models.Our experts plan the career of our registered models for long term, taking his or her strengths and personal circumstances into account to maximize their potential and opportunities available to them.

For More info Contact : info@expressions.pk

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  1. Raheel says:

    Nice pics Diya
    Simply beautiful………

  2. sumotra says:


    I know this is off topic but I think you might find it interesting anyway, lol

    The folks over in England decided to block adult sites and make all adults opt-in or make an application to opt-in.
    You can read the full article here at guardian.co.uk
    What do you think of this nonsense from these clowns trying to control our life?
    Do you think other countries will stand for this?

    OK my rant is over, thanks for listening.




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About Us

Expressions serve as a launching pad for our youth to learn and demonstrate skills of modeling, acting and other art skills. Expressions has evolved itself into a kind of art academy which nurture the fresh talents, provide them fashion photo shoot, modeling, commercials and Drama Productions.