Female Model shoot by Rizi Shah

Rizi Shah is very creative photographer of Lahore. He illusionist in the art of photography. Razi Shah Passion for photography in general and art Photography. He has passion interest in photography. Graphically the art in Pakistan and loves to explore the county in passion of fashion photography. He uses his camera lens as a discerning eye to result the reflection, faces, colors, and varied fashion of Pakistan. He is from NCA and he is working practically his own interest. Photography has become his profession after remaining a great passion for most of his life. Razi’s passion for photography grew in his early child hood. According to him he took his first photo when he was hardly a few years old. He has specialist myself in art photography. Razi’s Photography is both talent base and learning process. He is perfect example of the letter. He has no shame or qualms in claiming that he is natural born artist. He says that Good image depends upon photographer vision, his Technical abilities, Combination’s and ethics, use of light.

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