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Hassan is a new face in modeling field.

For more detail about Hassan Contact at:




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  1. Khawar Mehmood says:

    Photo Graphy is my passion, I found here some thing to improve, There should be some point to be highlighted,
    I am giving here some tips
    If you try to pitch your general skills as a photographer, make sure that you make several portfolios. One for portraiture, one for nature, one for product photography, etc. That way, the person reviewing your portfolio can mentally prepare for something else. Also, it allows you to show only the portfolios that are relevant for the job you are doing.

    If you have gotten pictures in print (especially viable if you are planning to do freelance news photography), include both prints and newspaper clippings – side by side on adjecent pages is good

  2. Umer Karim says:

    Good Looking model you are, but dear due to make up, your face is looking over..

    Your concealer should always be one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. When applying a concealer, dab a little on your hand to see how it compares to your skin tone – where possible do this in daylight rather than under fluorescent lights. This should be keep in mind your make up artist.




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