Media Vision

Brief Introduction:
Media Vision has been established in 1994. In the beginning Media Vision has produces drama serials for NTM and PTV as a production house. We also provide the technical support for the production of the dramas and commercials for the different advertising agencies.

We have betacam and DV cam camcorders with post production facilities in Islamabad. Our staff is well trained and can do the job up to the satisfaction of the client. We are working for BBC, VOA, APTN and many more international news agencies and key supporter of the Geo TV.
Our CEO has the more than 18 years of experience in the field. We have the senior camera crew having over 10 years experience and the Post Production Engineer having over 15 years experience.

Top Clients:
Capital Development Authority
BBC London
Voice of America
Geo TV
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Communications
#114 St.40 G-6/1 Islamabad Pakistan

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About Us

Expressions serve as a launching pad for our youth to learn and demonstrate skills of modeling, acting and other art skills. Expressions has evolved itself into a kind of art academy which nurture the fresh talents, provide them fashion photo shoot, modeling, commercials and Drama Productions.