Peer Films (Pvt.) Ltd.

Brief Introduction:
Peer Films (Pvt.) Ltd. is an independent production company which has produced numerous movies, dramas and children`s programs for television and cinema. It is a registered company in both Pakistan and the UK. It`s main office is based in Lahore (Pakistan) and has a secondary office in London.

Today Peer Films has developed a very powerful technical base with its own in house shooting facility on 35 mm. film and on video with their own cameras, editing facility, lights & sound. It has overall the finest filming technology available in Pakistan.

Peer films has produced many films, television plays & other programmes. These can be simply seperated into the following two categories…

Cinema Productions
Television Productions

25-F/3, Block D, National Homes, New Muslim town ,Lahore
92 (42) 588-5074/75, 588-5079
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