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Salma Khan

Salman Khan is new face in modeling field.

For more detail about Salma Khan contact at:


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  1. MUSHTAQ SHAH says:

    hi you are very cute and nice.

  2. Tanveer says:

    you are really attractive model..we need a model for a song.how can we contact you?

  3. Sana says:

    very good expressions salma..you will be a top model of pakistan soon

  4. Mahrukh says:

    Salma, Looking nice.
    I am Mahrukh, Media Co-coordinator, I always need new faces for the fashion shows, and commercials..We work with models under contract
    Reply me here

  5. Asad Shah says:

    Very nice portfolio, nice shoot, only there was need to improve makeup.
    Ok, well I sorta knew this, but I wasn’t sure HOW TO BLEND. You use three different colors: The base, usually a very light taupe, a highlighter for the crease and a main color for the lid, but how to get them to look as if they merge into each other like the colors of a rainbow?

    My secret: Start light then go darker. Brush the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone (base is the lightest color), apply the lid color (the medium color) and THEN apply the highlighter (the darkest color). Also, don’t be too heavy-handed or you’ll have to start over.

  6. Fari says:

    You don’t want the drama too much shadow brings. Apply shadow up to the browbone but don’t apply shadow ON the bone unless it’s a neutral color.

  7. Majid Khan says:

    nice face,we will work together very soon

  8. Samar says:

    You looking Owesome girl………….
    i don’t think so k app kal ki famous model na ban sako gi….
    ALLAH bless you.take care




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