Sapna Beauty Parlor

We are in the business of providing a full range of Beauty-care Services. Besides providing traditional services like Mehndi, Makeup and Facial, Sapna also provides specialized services like Rebounding, Streaking and Hair Treatment. Sapna is the fastest growing beauty parlor in Pakistan. We trained thousands of students, working in the country as well as abroad. Sapna gave the emerging beauty-care industry the leadership, the human resources and the drive needed to grow.

It is truly our honor and privilege to have you as our GUEST. It is our extreme desire to provide the highest quality beauty-care services in the most pleasant environment with the best price.

We strive to be known for not only pampering and relaxation, but also unparalleled guest service. We want your experience to be stress free and want you to feel as good as you look when you leave.

As always, we acknowledge that any success we have achieved is only due to your continued patronage. Thank you for putting your trust in us. Let us know if we can better serve you in anyway.

All the best,
The Team of Professionals at
The Fastest Growing Beauty Parlor in Pakistan – Sapna

To improve the quality of Customer Service our branch network is divided into various Zones and Regions. Location of our branches in each residential area makes our presence possible and nearness to our customers is our tool for ‘Total Quality Service’.

For more detail contact us

Tel: 32031997 & 36933003


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About Us

Expressions serve as a launching pad for our youth to learn and demonstrate skills of modeling, acting and other art skills. Expressions has evolved itself into a kind of art academy which nurture the fresh talents, provide them fashion photo shoot, modeling, commercials and Drama Productions.