Tapal Danedar’s new AD

2nd film of the series in the new clutter breaking thematic campaign from Tapal Danedar’s Brand Team, where the current positioning of the brand i.e. “Har Lamhay Ke chah” is reinforced and carried forward by making the claim Tapal Danedar “Har Mizaaj Sey aashna.”

The first film that took Tapal Danedar onto this positioning platform was the famous “Cups Campaign” where a claim saying ‘nobody understands the tea drinking tradition of Pakistan better than Tapal Danedar’. This current TVC enhances this positioning and takes it a step forward by claiming that in addition to knowing the Tea Drinking Culture, Tapal Danedar also fullly understands the varying moods of its millions of consumers, and offers the perfectly satisfying cup of tea that completes every moment and every emotion.

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