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Umair Kifayat

Personal Details

Occupation: Student

Date Of Birth: 22-03-1991

Qualification: bachelors

Field Of Interest: Modeling and Acting

City: Lahore

Body Details

Height: 68-69

Weight: 62

Skin Color: fair

Hair Color: black

Eyes Color: brownish black

Marital Status: single

About Me:

I have much abilities which can only be utilized only by getting a good platform .

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  1. Samree Hayat says:

    When I shoot, some of the models become some nervous, like i found here this model.
    Most models that i’ve worked with were the easiest in front of the camera. I guided them to the kind of look I wanted which is usually not a “happy” face.

    I tell them the kind of facial expression that I’m looking for by creating a verbal scenario; putting them in a situation that evokes mood.

    I’ve also had one aspiring model that I could remember, She just couldnt give me what I was looking for no matter what. I spent 4 hours shooting her to no avail. I no longer shoot aspiring models 🙂

  2. Saleh Butt says:

    i have to agree with Samreen’s answers. i try to do the same. if i’m working with a new model i often ask them to bring a close friend along. breaks the ice, opens conversation and puts them just a little more at ease. t’s amazing how open people can get when they’re talking about something they are passionate about. one thing i always do for a shoot.
    Its not only upto photographer, It is upto model also to cheer Up. and give kool and soft looks.




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