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Brief Introduction:
Computer graphics have taken major leaps and bounds in the recent years. These technological advancements in the field of visual effects have broadened the possibilities of imagination and creativity.

In the advent of such breakthroughs VOXEL GRAf/x debuts its platform to play a pivotal role in the deliverance of state of art visual effects and animation facility. Voxel Graf/x is a fully equipped Studio that meets the cutting edge technology for producing stunning visual effects.

Our services include chrome keying , 3D animations , Virtual 3D sets in real time motion, Motion Tracking ,Realistic environment creation, Text animation , Logo designs, Photorealistic product designs, Motion tracking , Compositing features, Color correction, Motion graphics, Particle effects, Realistic shadings, Atmospheric effects, Blending of live footages with interactive virtual sets, Morphing of graphics and innumerous possibilities of computer graphics at your reach with Quality and Cost effective approach.

Our Recent CG work is for the Habib Bank commercial in which we have pushed our animation skills we completed the project in 12 days after receiving the final frames from client.

We did chrome keying, compositing, 3D cloth simulation, 3D Animation, camera tracking, morphing and color correction. In a nut shell Voxel Graf/x is advanced computer graphics workstation that gives your Visuals the enhanced look.

Our qualified and experienced animators have spent several years in uplifting their skills and promoting CG Industry with Quality Graphics. Come and sour your creativity with us, we are here to bridge the gap between you and your imagination.

Top Clients:
Habib Bank Limited
Warid Telecom
Dettol Soap
Laser Motorcycle
Knorr Noodles
Mitsubishi AC
ReckittBenckiser (Belgium)
Suite No.5, 2nd Floor, Jason Centre, BC-8, Block No.9, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan.
+92 (21) 5861178
+92 (21) 5371670
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